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CT Mathew Pastor is the Pastor In Chief of IPC ZION Assembly.Who has put in more than 25 Years of pastoral experience & teaching.
Jebin Thampi Dhas is the Pastor in Charge of the City Mission. And he Conducts the Tamil service every Sunday from 8.00am to 9.00am. He and his family also help in Family Counselling.
Jomon K. Varghese the visionary of City Mission. A man of GOD who has Worked with the Youth and the Elders alike.
City Mission Church
I.P.C Zion Assembly
#14/20, 3rd Cross St (East), Collectorate Colony, Aminjikarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600029
City Mission Church is an out reach of IPC Zion Assembly. With a Special focus on Local Society, Social Support, Human consideration. Like minded (Characterized by kindness, mercy, & compassion) people get together to worship the lord and Saviour Jesus Christ .

Special Prayers will be conducted on Request. A regular Prayer chain is done on almost daily bases. We invite your prayer Request. Confidential Prayer request also Accepted.
We regularly have discussions on different topics from the bible and enrich ourselves with the heavenly Knowledge.